Michael Demko – Financial Advisor

Mike Demko was born in Illinois in 1963. Mike earned his BS degree in Finance from San Jose State University in 1991. He received the Certified Fund Specialist® (CFS) designation from The Institute of Business & Finance, where he learned to evaluate and compare financial measurements and benchmarks when constructing an investment portfolio. Modern Portfolio Theory is a key part of the program; its components are broken down and detailed in terms the adviser can easily understand and convey to a client To become a CFS, Mike completed a 60 hour self-study program which provides financial training on mutual funds and the mutual fund industry. In addition to training in open-end funds, closed-end funds, ETFs, and REITs, topics include modern portfolio theory and dollar cost averaging. Candidates must have a bachelor's degree or one year of financial services work experience. The designation is obtained by passing three exams and successfully completing a case study. Thirty hours of continuing education credits must be satisfied every two years.

Mike is currently a senior financial adviser with Siena Wealth Management, Inc. as well as a IAR with LWI Financial. Prior to Siena Wealth Management Mike was a Registered Representative with Loring Ward Securities, Inc., Reinhardt Werba Bowen Securities Inc. and Royal Alliance Associates, Inc.

Mike has not been the subject of any disciplinary action from any of the regulatory bodies responsible for policing his professional activities.

Mike's work is supervised by Ron Howard, Chief Compliance Officer for Siena, and Howard Lee, Vice-President Advisor Services for LWI. Ron can be reached at (408) 244-3800. Howard's telephone number is (408) 260-3100. Ron or Howard reviews and/or approves all of Mike's client correspondence, recommendations and advertising materials for Siena or LWI respectively.

Mike's fee-based practice at Siena focuses on client education and measured progress toward achieving client goals. His menu of services includes estate planning, wealth transfer, asset management, college funding and retirement planning. Among the services he offers is helping clients develop an investment strategy based on principles of Nobel Prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory.